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Every successful branding campaign begins with a great logo. Logos play a critical role in the branding process. It’s a visual representation of your company, an icon that the consumer can easily and instantly identify your brand from all the others.

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Branding vs Marketing, and why you need both to succeed

Has branding become everything, and has marketing has become irrelevant?

In recent years, Branding has become a hot topic, among entrepreneurs, as well as consumers. There is a new generation of entrepreneurs that believe that branding has become the end all to having successful product or service, and that marketing is becoming irrelevant. At the same time, there is an entire generation of old school business professionals that believe no product or service can be successful without the good old fashion principles of marketing.

Design Vs Art

Designers and Artists both engage in visual forms of communication…

Designers and Artists both engage in visual forms of communication, using a similar knowledge, but often different techniques and approaches. What does separate Design from Art is motivation and purpose. It possible for certain Designers to consider what they do as Art, but generally speaking, several Artists don’t consider themselves Designers, either in approach, process, technique or core principles.

Why you need a logo, NOW

It all begins with a Logo, Logos and branding go hand and hand...

 Just like the Wild West, where ranchers marked cattle with their own unique brand, a way of displaying ownership. This was very important in identifying the livestock from different ranches.  Besides telling consumers who you are, more importantly logos also function as “icon,” which is a pictorial representation of the idea or concept behind your brand. A well designed logo allows the consumers to quickly identify your brand from the rest of the “herd,” even at a distance.

History of Graphic Design

The tradition of Graphic design has rich history…

The tradition of Graphic design has rich history as a visual from communication; from writing on caves walls, to writing on stone tablets, from the invention of the printing press in 1440, to moveable type, to digital documents on smart phones and tables. Graphic design has the power inform and inspire generations of viewers as well as designers. Let's briefly explore the rich history of Graphic Design, from the dawn of man to the digital age.

History of The Printed Flyer

Flyers have started everything from sales to revolutions…

Flyers are a wonderful vehicle for promoting your brand, through strong visual design, with bold color that will grab the consumer’s attention; great for promoting special events, sales, and more. Flyers and Leaflets have a proud history from the launching significant events, such as revolutions, to the very first Black Friday Sales Event; an all round efficient and effective promotional and communications tool. “The Printed Word is even mightier than the Pen.”

The psychology behind color in marketing and branding

Color has direct effect on over 87% of consumer decisions…

Branding and Marketing experts, based on decades of research on color theory and its applicable psychological impact, discovered that color has a fairly direct effect on over 87% of consumer decisions. The specific use of color in branding and marketing can trigger certain psychological responds in consumers; all through these effects are not necessarily universal in all consumers.The use color can communicate very powerful and direct and indirect associations based consumer perception.