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Every successful branding campaign begins with a great logo. Logos play a critical role in the branding process. It’s a visual representation of your company, an icon that the consumer can easily and instantly identify your brand from all the others.

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Why you need a logo, NOW

It all begins with a Logo, Logos and branding go hand and hand...

 Just like the Wild West, where ranchers marked cattle with their own unique brand, a way of displaying ownership. This was very important in identifying the livestock from different ranches.  Besides telling consumers who you are, more importantly logos also function as “icon,” which is a pictorial representation of the idea or concept behind your brand. A well designed logo allows the consumers to quickly identify your brand from the rest of the “herd,” even at a distance.

Smart branding will make your product or service stand out...

Your logo needs to appear on all your marketing materials from business cards, letterheads, signage to your own website, and more. Smart branding will make your product or service stand out, the brand the consumers will reach for every time. I can not stress this point enough, the logo is the corner stone of any branding campaign; the alpha and the omega.

Strong logo design will get the consumers attention...

Cleary, we live in a world full of color. Consumers are attracted to bright color and bold imagery. Strong logo design will get the consumers attention, drawing them in to take closer look to explore your brand. Grabbing the consumer’s attention plays a critical role in the selling process. More often than not, a well branded product or service can sell it’s self.

Logos can connect with consumers on an emotional level...

Logos can communicate so much more than ownership and identity; they can communicate and convey emotional entire experiences and complex concepts through their own specific visual associations. Restaurant logos, through the use color and form, can entice consumer’s appetites; who seek specific dinning experiences. The Beauty Industry is dominated by the best brands that communicate the concepts of heath, simplicity, and the feeling of cleanliness.

What makes your product or service different from the rest of the herd?

Specific symbols have always been associated with certain types of products, services, and industries. Using industry standard symbols can easily help consumers identify what industry you are in, but it’s easy to get lost in the herd. A powerful logo will reflect not only who you are and what you do, but distinguish you from all the rest. Mostly importantly, logo can convoy one of the quintessence questions in branding: “what makes your product or service different?”

The right image for the right message...

The wrong imagery associated with your logo can send the wrong message to consumers. In the world of investments, the concept of the Bull and Bear markets have a strong and specific meaning to consumers who know the difference. A Bull market is where share prices are on the rise, with strong buying. A Bear Market is where prices are falling, with strong selling. Using a Bull in an investment firm’s logo is a clear choice over the use of a Bear. Both the Bull and the Bear have strong visual and emotion associations to investors.

You must brand wisely...

There is no doubt that the associations and concepts that you are trying to convoy through your own logo’s imagery should be chosen wisely. An intelligent and well researched branding strategy will help companies traverse the social, cultural, and economic pitfalls of the common associations specific to imagery related to your own logo.

Your brand must evolve with an ever changing world

Over time, icons and their related meanings and associations can change, especially in a world dominated by social media. Smart marketers understand that their logo needs to adapt and evolve to an ever changing world. Sometimes it becomes necessary to update and even re-design your own logo to stay current, much less stay relevant. In some cases, re-branding becomes necessary. This all comes back to the logo. Keep in mind, familiar and recognizable imagery is the key to building brand recognition. No matter how times your logo evolves, it needs to stay on message and facilitate the core associations that built your brand on in the first place.

Become everything and be everywhere...

Your logo needs to be on everything and be everywhere your product or service is. This is best way to consistently present your brand, one of the most powerful and effective way of adverting. What I mean by “everything and be everywhere” is; your logo needs to be on all your marketing materials, packaging, your website. Your logo should appear on every social media post you create. Nothing drives consumer engagement like good branding. Brand consistency is another way to build brand loyalty. Intelligent Brand Placement strengthens the associations and message created through your logo. Your logo becomes a beacon of light, guiding consumers through a stormy sea of over saturated mass marketing chaos. Your brand is the safe harbor consumers will come back to, every time.

The shrink test

A great logo will easily transition from any marketing platform such as mobile, or out-door signage. Your logo must be easily recognizable at any size and/or distance. In logo design, the shrink test is an important way to test the effectiveness of its principle design. For example, can the consumer still recognize your logo at different sizes? Spotting your logo on a billboard should be easy, but can the consumer spot your logo on a business card, or as a favicon on your website. If they can’t spot your logo at all sizes, then how is your brand going standout on a crowded store shelve or on a busy street? All these considerations must be addressed and answered through the design process.

Your perfect logo begins with Lody Graphics

Lody Graphics will navigate you through the design process to create your perfect logo, so you can do what you do best, build your brand. When it’s time to re-brand, Lody Graphics is the clear choice, your beacon of light.

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