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Every successful branding campaign begins with a great logo. Logos play a critical role in the branding process. It’s a visual representation of your company, an icon that the consumer can easily and instantly identify your brand from all the others.

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The psychology behind color in marketing and branding

Color has direct effect on over 87% of consumer decisions…

Branding and Marketing experts, based on decades of research on color theory and its applicable psychological impact, discovered that color has a fairly direct effect on over 87% of consumer decisions. The specific use of color in branding and marketing can trigger certain psychological responds in consumers; all through these effects are not necessarily universal in all consumers.The use color can communicate very powerful and direct and indirect associations based consumer perception. The use of color can also communicate emotional and specific memory based associations, this key to successfully building a brand.

Understanding the psychology behind color is just as important as the individual color itself…

Understanding the psychology behind color, and the ability to anticipate consumer reaction, along the related and relevant associations is even more critical than the individual color itself. Certain colors do have specific traits associated with them; for example, red with excitement, brown with rugged strength, purple with noble sophistication, white with purity, blue with safety. These associations are not necessarily universal, are subject to change with the times and consumer perception. Keep in mind, traditional associations with color may transcend current branding and marketing trends. For example, the rest of year the color brown may be associated with adventure and rugged strength, but during the holidays, brown may communicate the emotion of warm and family, especially during Thanksgiving; not to mention wet your appetite in anticipation of holiday dinner.

Red and White have became the permanent colors associated with Christmas…

Historically, before the 1930s, Santa Claus’ suit was originally tan or green. The Coca-Cola company, during an advertising campaign in the early 1930s during the Christmas season, rendered Santa’s suit and trim to match the colors of their own logo, red and white. From that point on, Red and White became the permanent colors associated with Christmas, along with Coca. This is a prime example of how smart branding, marketing, and the knowledge of color theory can change consumer’s perceptions; even outside of parameters of traditional and cultural associations.

The emotional of color may differ between men and women…

Understanding the psychology of color in marketing and branding has its own set of specific associations with regards to gender. Depending on the context, color and it’s emotional impact and its related perceptions, may differ between men and women. Men and Woman may completely assign different, some times opposite, emotion considerations with regards to the use and selection of color on the consumer level, as well in their own personal lives. Color appropriateness with regards to gender is often determined by cultural perception. Typically Western societies, men prefer bold colors, while woman prefer softer colors. Often, blue is associated with boys, pink for and girls. Smart brands can navigate the cultural pitfalls of gender stereotypes, challenging our own perceptions and expectations of appropriateness color and gender.

The name of a color is critical to the successful of a product…

Consumers may perceive color in several different ways, along with their specific associations, which may change with current trends. The name or description of a color can be just as powerful and the selection of the color itself in branding. In the realm of Makeup, the name of a color is critical to the successful of that particular product. Consumers found more descriptive names of various colors of Makeup products more preferable to ordinary ones. For example, consumers where shown the exact same color, side by side, but prefer the name Sky-Blue over Light-Blue, and Mocha over Brown.

Every great Brand begins with a great logo and the right color.

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