Branding based Graphic Design for web and print!

Every successful branding campaign begins with a great logo. Logos play a critical role in the branding process. It’s a visual representation of your company, an icon that the consumer can easily and instantly identify your brand from all the others.

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Promoting your brand through strong visual design…

Flyers are another vehicle for promoting your brand through strong visual design with bold color that will grab your client’s attention, making them read more. Also great for promoting special events, sales, and more

Grabbing the consumer’s attention is key.…

If you want to organize an event or promotion, grabbing the consumer’s attention is key. Of course, advertising medium such as television, radio, newspapers, and billboards can be extremely expensive for small business. In recent years, advertising techniques with advent of the internet and specifically social media have create promotional opportunities that where unthinkable, even 20 years ago.

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Using print flyers to promote your brand is relatively inexpensive…

While social media has its benefits, with generating consumer awareness for your brand, it’s important not to over look traditional marketing techniques; that are tried and tested. While you build your brand online, must also build your brand in the real world as well. Using print flyers to promote your brand is relatively inexpensive technique of direct marketing.

Print flyer offers a wide range of methods to reach your audience…

Print flyer offers a wide range of methods to reach your audience such as, newspaper insertion, street level distribution, in-store distribution, and door to door mail drop. Flyers can allow for a greater level of visualization and creativity than other medians. You can really highlight your main message of your brand with bold text and visuals. Print flyers can come in variety of sizes, and can come double sided, leaving extra space to project your message to consumers.

Grab the consumer’s attention while they grab your flyer….

The tangible nature of print flyer is another benefit to get your message across. Flyers are very powerful and impact full in the fact that consumers can physically hold. Your will brand essentially grab the consumer’s attention at the same time they grab your print flyer. A Well designed flyer, with bright, bold colors, printed on quality stock, is the key to engaging the consumer. Your message has to be as equally strong and clear to get the consumer to read more.

Incentives are a powerful call to action

Incentives are a powerful call to action technique in sales and advertising. Print flyers with coupon codes and vouchers are another way to prompt an immediate response and encourage an immediate sale. Coupons are an effective way of measuring the success your marketing campaign. Using QR codes, custom URL’s, and number system is way to measure how successful for print flyer campaign is.

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