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Every successful branding campaign begins with a great logo. Logos play a critical role in the branding process. It’s a visual representation of your company, an icon that the consumer can easily and instantly identify your brand from all the others.

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Engagement is 87% more likely when a graphic accompanies your post…

According to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms: engagement is 87% more likely if a graphic or image accompanies your post or tweet.

Graphic designers play a main role in social media presence …

Graphic designers play a main role in social media. Graphics with all your social media posts will enhance your online presence more than just plain text alone; another visual opportunity to present your brand, and most importantly your logo. With the rise of social media, digital marketing has become a part of the promotional landscape. A comprehensive social media strategy is the key to delivering your brand to consumers any platform, creating engagement is critical.

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Strong Graphic Design attracts the viewer’s attention

To remain relevant, for any kind of brand, developing and sustaining relationships with consumers. Graphic design attracts the viewer’s attention and building brand awareness and recognition. Clearly grabbing the viewer’s attention is the key to creating engagement. Nothing grabs attention more than strong visuals. Graphic designers can help build a strong user experience when working with content developers and digital strategists, and marketing professionals

An experienced graphic design can navigate through the layout requirements for sponsored ads...

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offer a good range of “paid sponsored advertising” options, each with their complex set of design rules. An experienced graphic designer can navigate through the layout requirements for sponsored ads. There are several advantages of using paid sponsored ads on social media: Focused Targeting Marketing, Massive Mobile Audience, Extensive Analytics, and Upward Trending Click-Through Rates. In 2017, Facebook alone had over 2 billion active monthly users. That’s 2 billion potential customers seeing your logo, the cornerstone of your brand. If you want any of those 2 billion users, you better have a mind blowing logo and promotional materials. Every great Brand begins with a great Logo

Build your brand from the ground up with Lody Graphics

Your perfect logo begins with Lody Graphics we will navigate you through the design process to create your perfect logo, so you can do what you do best, build your brand. When it’s time to re-brand, Lody Graphics is the clear choice, your beacon of light.

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